Pink or Blue At-Home Early Gender DNA Test (Lab Service Fee)

Early DNA Gender Test Package

    Fetal Sex Test 98% Accurate at 9 Weeks

    Arryst Biosciences Pink or Blue Early Gender Test gives you the opportunity to inform your patients of their babies’ sex earlier than ever. This test is used by clinicians around the world as an additional component to their practice.

    • Promotes early prenatal care

    • Helps parents prepare for child rearing sooner

    • Helps parents begin family bonding

    • Easy to use, non-invasive

    • 98% accuracy rate

    • Money back guarantee

    How the Arryst Pink or Blue Gender Test works:
    The test is based on the presence of cell-free fetal DNA which comprises 3.4%-6.2% of DNA in the maternal plasma. While low levels of fetal cells persist in the maternal system after birth, cell-free fetal DNA is rapidly cleared following delivery and provides an accurate assay for the sex of a fetus regardless of prior male births. Our Early Sex Determination assay utilizes quantitative real-time PCR to detect the presence of cell-free fetal male DNA in whole blood of expecting mothers.

    Parents-to-be want to know:
    Based on a recent market survey, if cost and availability are not a factor 79% of women expressed interest in a maternal blood test to determine the gender of their baby.

    Sample Collection and Testing Procedure:
    Sample collection is easy. A small finger prick of blood is collected from the mother-to-be. Samples are sent directly to the Arryst Biosciences laboratory. The specimens are processed in the Arryst Bioscience
    s laboratory and results are released in days.

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