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At-Home Early DNA Gender Detection Test

Are you pregnant? If so, congratulations on your pregnancy! Now, you're probably curious... asking yourself, "Am I having a girl or a boy?"


Like many soon-to-be parents, you probably want to begin preparing as quickly as possible for the birth of your new baby, and cannot wait to share the news with others regarding the gender of your unborn child. Now, the Pink or Blue Early DNA Gender Test allows you to start preparing for your pregnancy, early. Begin building those strong family bonds.

With independently verified accuracy of 98%, the Pink or Blue Early Gender Test is the most trusted home collected gender test on the market, far exceeding the results of urine testing or early ultrasound in detecting gender. Because the samples are collected at home, we emphasize the importance of following the instructions carefully to avoid possible contamination from environmental male DNA during the collection process. Please click here to watch a video demonstrating the use of the Pink or Blue® test. 

The Pink or Blue Early DNA Gender Test provides you with the earliest, most accurate method of finding out if you are having a boy or girl. Allowing you to start preparing and begin sharing your news just weeks after you discover you are pregnant.

Share your exciting news - whether you are having a boy or a girl - with your friends and family at the earliest time possible!

Click Here to calculate and determine your Early Gender Test Eligibility Date.

3-Step Process for Collecting Specimens 

Step 1

Prick your finger using the lancets supplied in the Pink or Blue DNA Gender Testing kit.

Step 2

Massage the pricked finger until a drop of blood appears.

Step 3

Blot the blood onto the DNA preservation card included in the kit. Samples are sent back to the Lab for testing.