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The Pink or Blue Early Gender Test: Video Demonstration

The accuracy of the Pink or Blue® Early DNA Gender Test is greatly influenced by the specimen collection process. The most important items to remember when collecting the specimens at home are; 1) to collect them after the Pink or Blue® eligibility date (calculated using our Pregnancy Date Calculator), and 2) to pay keen attention to decreasing the possibility of male DNA contamination.

Here you will find a video demonstration of the Pink or Blue® Early Gender Test Sepcimen Collection procedure. Please follow these instructions very closely.

Boy or Girl? Pink or Blue Early DNA Gender Test is the product which will answer that question:
The Pink or Blue%ae Pregnancy Test? The Pink or Blue%ae Boy or Girl?

Pregnancy Test Kit
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*Price does NOT include shipping or lab fees. Kit only.

DNA Gender Test


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**Price includes kit, standard lab fee, 1 way shipping in US.

What is the Sex? Is it a GIRL or BOY? This is the #1 question asked right after a positive pregnancy test. Pink or Blue® will share this exciting news to with you as early as 9 weeks after the first days of your last
menstrual period... which is 7 weeks post-conception. Click Here to Calculate your
Pink or Blue Eligibility Date

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