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Early DNA Gender Predictor Testing: Baby Boy or Girl?
The Pink or Blue Boy or Girl?
With independently verified accuracy of 95%, the  pink or blue® Early Gender Test is the most trusted home collected gender test on the market, far exceeding the results of urine testing or early ultrasound in detecting gender.  Because the samples are collected at home, we emphasize the importance of following the instructions carefully to avoid possible contamination from environmental male DNA during the collection process.   Please click here to watch a video demonstrating the use of the pink or blue® test

Is the DNA Gender Testing Science Proven?

One of the most exciting outcomes of recent genetic research is the discovery that there is fetal DNA in an expectant mother’s blood as soon as five weeks gestation all the way through to delivery of the child. During pregnancy, small amounts of the baby’s DNA pass into the mother’s blood stream. We are able to isolate and analyze this fetal DNA from the mother’s blood sample obtained through a simple finger prick. Pink or Blue® is specific for detecting DNA from a Y-chromosome. The expectant mother would not normally have Y-chromosomal DNA. Thus, if a Y-chromosome is detected, we can determine she will have a baby boy. If there is no DNA from a Y-chromosome, then we know that the baby is a girl. It is that simple!

How accurate is Pink or Blue®?
The Pink or Blue® test is 95% accurate at 9 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (which is about 7 weeks post-conception). Click Here to Calculate your Pink or Blue Eligibility Date. From our studies, the 5% error rate was attributed to the home nature of the Pink or Blue® test and user error such as taking the test too early (less than 7 weeks post-conception), not providing enough blood sample, having a male help with the sample collection, and taking the sample in a non-sterile environment. For more information, please read our Retest Policy. Pink or Blue® has a quality assurance program that continuosly monitors the quality of our methods and reagents and the accuracy of our results. After ordering Pink or Blue®, you will have the opportunity to participate in our ongoing quality control programs. Your participation will contribute to the Pink or Blue® mission to provide accurate and high quality service and will benefit future mothers using Pink or Blue®.

3-Steps to Collecting Specimens
1. Prick your finger using the lancets supplied in the Pink or Blue DNA Gender Testing kit.
2. Massage the pricked finger until a drop of blood appears.
2. Blot the blood onto the DNA preservation card included in the kit. Samples are sent back to the Lab for testing.

Is this test easy to do?
The Pink or Blue® Test is easy, non-invasive, and convenient. In fact, you can take it in the privacy of your own home. After placing your order, a

DNA sample collection kit will be mailed to you. The Pink or Blue® kit includes a specialized DNA collection card, card holder, a protective sample envelope, 4 lancets, instructions, a consent form, and a prepaid return envelope. All it takes is a simple finger prick sample. Once your sample (in the form of a blood spot) is collected, return your DNA sample in a prepaid return envelope to our laboratory. Within days, you will know if you’re having a Boy or Girl!

What is the process from start to finish for finding out if you’re having a boy or girl?

  1. Purchase a Pink or Blue® Kit and service online, by phone, or through our distributor network.
  2. Following the directions provided in the Pink or Blue® Early Gender Test Kit carefully, collect a blood spot with a finger prick. Everything is provided in the Early Gender Testing kit.
  3. Fill out and sign the authorization/consent form and return it with the blood sample in the pre-addressed, prepaid envelope to our lab.
  4. Results will be available online or over the phone within 5 business days from when they are received at the lab. 3 business days for Express Service.

More Information About DNA Gender Testing:

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4-steps to finding out if you’re having a baby boy or baby girl:

1. Purchase the Pink or Blue® Gender Test Kit online or over the phone.

2. Following the directions provided in the Pink or Blue® Kit, use the 2 included lancets to collect a finger prick blood specimen from the mother.

3. Send the specimens to lab using the pre-addressed, prepaid envelope included in the kit.

4. Results are mailed, emailed and available online within 3-5 days.


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