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The Baby Gender Test: Am I Having a Boy or a Girl?

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  • Baby Sex Detection at 7 Weeks Post Conception
  • Scientific Gender Test Based on Fetal DNA
  • Gender detection from a few drops of blood with 98% accuracy.
  • Do-At-Home, Safe, Non-invasive
  • Prepare for Child Rearing Early
  • Begin Building Family Bonds
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NY and MD Residents: We cannot ship and accept samples for DNA testing from residents of NY or MD.

*An accuracy study was completed in 2009 with the Fair Oaks Women’s Health Center (FOWHC) in Pasadena, CA.  Blood samples collected from the FOWHC were tested using the Consumer Genetics, Inc proprietary biomarker and results were released back to the Center.  A FOWHC Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer blinded from the Pink or Blue® result conducted multiple real-time ultrasound exams. FOWHC ultrasound results and Pink or Blue® results were compared at the Center and it was determined that 95% of the results of the Pink or Blue® early gender test were accurate.

Early Gender Determination

Standing in the baby aisle, wouldn't it be nice to know whether to choose the pink blanket instead of settling for the generic green one?

Now you can find out earlier than ever.  Pink or Blue® is a new DNA test which can be collected in the comfort of your own home.  Using just drops of the mother's blood you can find out as early as seven weeks after conception (nine weeks after last menstrual period) whether you are having a boy or a girl.

Give yourself the peace of mind and your baby the kind of preparation that only time allows.  Use Pink or Blue®, the earliest and most accurate method of prenatal gender detection.

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